Love letter....

Dear Capita Midnight-

How I love thee so, let me count the ways… First I love your camber and how much of it you have. I love that you don’t fail me at high speeds. I love that you grip the snow and let me ride effortlessly; it has been too long since I have felt true confidence in a board. I love that you have just the right amount of side cut to let me make quick turns through the trees. I did notice that you have a slight taper in the tail, we will ride more powder soon, I promise and we will use that taper to our advantage! I love your beautifully done artwork on the top sheet and base, now usually I am not one for graphics, but you look GOOD! I love that you are as excited to go ride as I am and that you never lack motivation. Your narrow waist does not alarm me and lead me to believe that you have an eating disorder, it just tells me that you are built for me to shred with my small feet. I love that about you.
My sweet Capita Midnight I must make a confession, you are not my only board as I cannot be a one-board woman! Please do not take this the wrong way, but I need a quiver and trust me you are close to being my quiver killer.

Me ♥
(Kasey, Porters Tahoe)