money pit or just a member of the family ?

at what point do you STOP putting money into a car thats not even 10 years old but nearing the 200,000 mile mark, and cough up the payment for something new(er) ? Now this car has done an amazing job at what it was purchased for. Trips to Tahoe and Mammoth were the initial destinations. When I started being a sales rep it was what got me all around the territory to meet and establish accounts, take trips to San Diego for trade shows etc etc etc. Then after getting married and starting a family, it naturally turned into the family wagon. Trips to the Central and Northern Coasts of California, Southern California to see family, a trip out to Colorado TWICE, all over the place in fact. And as cars rack up the miles on the highways and in the city, shit goes wrong, naturally. Drive line, wheel bearings, cv joints, clutch, head gaskets, water pumps, betls, brakes, the list goes on and on.... anyway, long story short, it was in the shop again twice in about 6 weeks. I have all the work orders in a file, but I am really afraid to add up the dollar amount from over the years. bottom line is that we can't live without her, well we could, but it would be a pain in the ass gettin around with 2 kids and all. she's been good to us, so we'll keep her around for a while longer. but her time is getting limited. much like my cat Blitz. but thats another story.